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The journal aims to attract original knowledge based on academic rigour and of relevance for academics, researchers, professionals, and/or public decision-makers.</p> <p>We are <a href="">CrossRef</a> and indexed in many databases. </p> en-US (Dr. Scott Johnson) (Ain Liu) Sat, 17 Dec 2022 00:00:00 +0000 OJS 60 TRANSFORMATIONAL EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP EFFECT ON STAFF MEMBERS ENGAGEMENT: THE MEDIATING IMPACT OF INTRINSIC MOTIVATION <p><em>Staff member’s engagement has been at the core of consideration for top management and scholars who stated that staff member’s engagement can be a key driver of an organization's business success. Many scholars have found in recent researches that a transformational educational leadership approach has a beneficial connection with staff member’s engagement. Therefore, this research oriented to investigate the connection of transformational educational leadership on staff members engagement through the mediating role of figurehead intrinsic enthusiasm. Researchers examine the information from a sample of 338 elevated education staff members working in the elevated educational institutes in Ethiopia by means of structural equation modeling (SEM) and confirmatory factor investigation (CFA) to examine the framed hypothesis. Afterward, the bootstrapping investigation was employed to verify the mediation examine in present research. The investigation manifested that transformational educational leadership approach had considered proficient impact on staff member’s engagement for the mediating role of intrinsic enthusiasm. The impact of transformational educational leadership on staff member’s engagement was found to be totally mediated by figurehead intrinsic enthusiasm. Hypothetically, present experiential investigation contributed to the novel knowledge on the exclusive mediating impacts of figurehead intrinsic motivation on the connections among transformational educational leadership and staff member’s engagement in the Ethiopia. Practically, present research has administrative connotation in the field of governmental administration, leadership and HRM.</em></p> Shashi Kant; Kebede Asefa Copyright (c) 2022 Shashi Kant; Kebede Asefa Sat, 17 Dec 2022 00:00:00 +0000 Smart sustainable cities: synergies between circular economy, innovative policies and European projects <p><strong>Abstract: </strong>Metropolitan cities trying to respond to a locally-embedded global challenge: to implement a sustainable use of natural resources in order to avoid potential dramatic environmental scenarios. Metropolitan Cities could become a front-runner city in this field, if it demonstrates to be able to support its existing adaptive and transformative governance capacities. The goals and results achieved in the on-going Metropolitan City EU funded projects are described as “soft” policy tools for describing the thesis argued in the paper. Circular Economy, Green Economy (Green growth) and Bio economy have a common finalistic aspect: find a common ground for both economic, environmental and social goals. The Metropolitan Strategic Plan could represent a significant model for other Public Bodies. Indeed, this case study aims at demonstrating how strategic lines of intervention in trans-sectorial policies may be identified, such as for instance those related to the development of Circular Economy. The borders of Metropolitan cities functional urban area bound all the paper findings. The political recommendations stated represent an inspiring case study on how economic development can materialize in vision-oriented and strategically planned interventions.</p> Marino Cavallo Copyright (c) 2022 Marino Cavallo Sat, 17 Dec 2022 00:00:00 +0000 The Effective methods for managing teachers: A case study on a Private School in Al-Ain, United Arab Emirates <p>This article was done to apply the methods and concepts that we learned in the management course.&nbsp; First, we proposed some methods to improve the efficiency of management we studied, then a survey was conducted based on the conditions and our abilities to test the validity of the methods. Moreover, we analyzed the data to figure out that strategies will certainly have a positive influence on the learning process and we decided to accept the alternative hypothesis and reject the null hypothesis. Finally, we would like to say that it was a fantastic opportunity and beneficial one due to the fact that we learned a lot through it.</p> <p>This study was conducted to initiate new strategies to manage teachers in Liwa school The main purpose of the study is to provide a chance for practical application of theory in the classroom and to acquire practical knowledge for efficient work in the future. It also provides the interns with more information and knowledge in the real work environment.</p> AYMAN Al armoti, Adnan Jawabri, Razan AL Namer Copyright (c) 2022 AYMAN Al armoti Sat, 17 Dec 2022 00:00:00 +0000