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Vol. 2 No. 1 (2023): 2023 - Vol 2 Issue 1
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The International Journal of Business and Management (IJBM) (ISSN Online: 2815-9330) is a fully open access, peer-reviewed academic journal. We adhere to the highest scientific standards and follow a rigorous peer-review process. We welcome submissions from across the social sciences, economics, and humanities disciplines. IJBM aims to publish rigorous theoretical, methodological, or empirical research associated with the areas of business and management including strategy, accounting, economics, finance, management, marketing, tourism, organisation, human resources, operations, supply chain, corporate social responsibility, and corporate governance. The journal aims to attract original knowledge based on academic rigour and of relevance for academics, researchers, professionals, and/or public decision-makers.

IJBM is published by OJS system and supported by International Emerging Scholars Society (IESS). There is no submission fee. 

We are CrossRef.

Why publish in IJBM:

  • Fully open access Rigorous peer-review process
  • Fast publication: average peer review time within 8 weeks
  • Impact: affiliated with International Emerging Scholars Society (IESS)
  • Support for early career researchers and underrepresented populations
  • Commitment to diversity and inclusion
  • No fees